Unique Home Design Services for Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for originality, something innovative, a unique look, or do you simply want a great home which looks great and matches the community?  Architects, drafters, and home design services sometimes take off and start designing your new home without taking the time to really determine you true needs and desires.  They take a look at a couple pictures you shared with them and they are off to the races.

Professional home design services go a little further.  They insist on sitting down with your for thorough consultation before even doing a quote.  They want to make sure they know your motivations, the neighborhood you are building in, your family makeup, and other factors which can affect the design plans.  Home design is not just about esoteric beauty.  It is about functional beauty.  A home which does not function for the family leads to disappointment and sometimes anger.

Combining Our Dreams and Needs to Create the Perfect Home

We are all guilty of having big and wild dreams sometimes.  We grab a few new home magazines, an architectural journal, and surf the internet looking at pictures.  We find beautiful homes which are amazing to the eyes and senses, but sometimes we forget to take the time to think through the implications of our design choice.  This is where a consultation with one of Queensland’s leading home design services which specializes in homes in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast areas makes perfect sense.

As an example, Daryl Wood and the team at Drafting Concepts PTY LTD are almost insistent on having a thorough consultation with anyone wanting a design quote or to have construction drawings made.  They want to uncover how your family lives in your home.  What are the essential services?  What rooms does your family gravitate towards for socializing?  Little questions can lead to major changes in the way your home is designed and the room layout.

Better Designs Start with Better Questions

It is shocking how often a young family has a home designed using some off-the-shelf plans and then learn of one major problem.  The master bedroom is isolated from all the other bedrooms.  At first this does not sound too bad.  It gives the master bedroom extra privacy.  What if the young couple is buying a home to start a family?  Do they really want the master bedroom and the nursery to be separated by very much distance?  It is little observations like this which can make a major difference in how happy a family is in their new home.  How important is matching your home to your lifestyle?

You might believe any drafting service is going to ask these questions.  You might be surprised to learn that is not the case.  Most house design services are focused on getting the job done fast, doing exactly what the client says, and getting paid.  Drafting Concepts is highly focused on making sure their designs meet the real needs and dreams of their clients.  They take the extra time to find out the answers to questions.  Interestingly, these questions do not seem to slow them down at all.  They get quotes done in less than 48 hours.  Construction plans are delivered in less than 2 weeks.  In some ways these extra questions actually speed the process.  They have less questions after the drawing are made, less request for changes, and greater levels of satisfaction.

A unique home design does not always mean an innovative look.  Sometimes the most unique feature is the level of happiness you feel in your new home.  It all starts by working with home design services which take the time to understand your real needs and desires, before they create the plans.

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Queensland Home Design Services Provide Liaison between the Buyer and Builder

There are three critical skills you must find in your choice for home design services, but which one is the most important?  The three skills which are essential include:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Skilled Technical Drafting
  • Communication Skills

Creative Thinking to Overcome Problems and Create a Beautiful Home

Which one of those three would you rate as the most essential to get you the best plans possible?  Creative thinking is very important.  The drafting service must be able to come up with original ideas, overcome issues, and create a home which creatively fills the needs of the family.  The designer needs to be able to look at the desires of their client, the materials requested, the property, and the neighborhood, and combine them all to make a home which is going to make their client happy and excited.  But is this the most important skill?

Technical Skills Provide the Detail for a Successful Build

Technical drafting skills are mandatory, but are they the most important skill?  If a company does not have quality drafting skills they will be out of business fast, but those skills are usually easy to find.  There are many people who have great technical skills but lack in the creative realm.  They can follow the directions of others, but not create on their own.

Communications is the Element Which Takes Your Vision and Turns it Into Reality

Communication skills play a unique role for home design services.  A designer needs to be able to communicate clearly to his client to start off with.  His communication must start with his ears, not his mouth.  The designer needs to hear what the client really wants and even try to capture what portions of the house create the most excitement and enthusiasm for the client.

The next step in communication is talking.  The drafting specialist for the house design services must be able to present ideas concerning materials, local regulations, neighborhood characteristics, and other issues which affect the design process.  He needs to make sure his client clearly understands the concerns, their options, and how it all affects cost.

Communication does not stop with talking to the client either.  The home design services team must be able to communicate clearly to help in acquiring the building permits, dealing with certifiers, and explaining the design to the builders.  It does not stop there.  What they learn from the builders and officials must be relayed back to the owner so quick and effective decisions can be made.

As you are probably beginning to guess, communications may  be the most important skill you should look for when looking for home design services.  Do not ignore the other factors, but make sure you are 100% comfortable with the communications skills.  It is this skill which allows them to really understand what you want and to get it right on the first drawing.  It is this skill which increases efficiency for the builder since they run into fewer questions and get them answered clearly the first time.  Communications is what makes everything run smoother with permit offices, inspectors, and any other government departments you will encounter.

Experience Superior Communications in Action

The best way to determine the entire skill set is to actually sit down with the designer and talk over your ideas and take a look at their portfolio.  Daryl Woods of Drafting Concepts PTY LTD in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast is convinced communications is critical and that is why he starts off all projects with a free consultation with clients.  He wants to make sure everyone is on the same page and heading in the same direction on your building project.  What is your opinion?  Do you want to have someone you can talk to and solve problems with, or just someone who can knock out a technical drawing?  You know when the project is underway communications will be one of the keys to a successful design and build of your new home.

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Home Design Services for Renovations

Is that really your kitchen?  No wonder you want to change it.  That is the master bedroom?  It looks like an oversized closet.  All of us have those areas in our existing home we want changed.  Sometimes they are just simple upgrades, but sometimes it requires major renovations to make the home the way we really want it.  When you are planning for a larger undertaking you will need to work with someone specializing in home design services to help create the construction drawings and possibly more.

What do you understand about getting building permits for home renovations in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, or other nearby areas of Queensland?  That is what most people say.  They have no idea either.  This is why your choice of person for house design services for your renovation is so important.  You do not just need drawings.  You need someone who can help you navigate through all the hurdles in front of you.  This is true whether you are planning to hire a builder to do the work or if this is a project you and your friends are going to undertake.  You must follow the rules of your community or risk potential costly penalties, delays, and problems.

Renovating Your Home with Confidence

What kind of person would you like to sit down and consult with about your renovation ideas?  Should the person have experience working in the construction business with a hammer in his hand?  Should they have a thorough knowledge of materials, costs, and innovative solutions from working in the construction supply business?  Do you want someone you can have an in-depth conversation with, who listens closely, and then creates plans which not only meet your dreams, they exceed them?  There are not very many people in the drafting service industry who have all of those skills, but there is one in Queensland home owners keep turning to.

Daryl Woods at Drafting Concepts PTY LTD is not your common drafting person.  His background in the industry has seen him working in construction, supply, and design.  One of his trademarks is communication.  Daryl understands that creating construction drawings is not as much about understanding how to use the CAD program on a PC as it is the ability to understand the dreams, desires, and needs of the home owner.  A free consultation with Daryl is not only for his benefit, it for your benefit, too.  It helps you to clarify the picture of your renovation.

Going from a Thought to a Renovation Vision

During the consultation you cover your ideas, your budget, and information about your existing home, how you use your home, and even questions about the surrounding neighborhood and environment.  All of these little details go into helping to form ideas which turn your desires into plans which recreate your home into what you really want.  Saying you want a bigger bedroom is pretty meaningless by itself.  Saying you want a bigger bedroom to hold a super king-size bed, a large screen LCD TV, with walk-in closets, and a sitting area including a couch is a vision.

It is by asking questions which help you clarify your dreams that the design process really gets underway.  Daryl’s team at Drafting Concepts in Queensland does not set out to make drawings.  They set out to fulfill dreams.  They did not fall in love with idea of putting lines on paper, but with the idea of putting smiles on the faces of clients who now have their dream space.  Home renovation requires someone who understands home design services are not just creating a space; they are creating an experience for the family.  Daryl and his team understand and create every plan with that in mind.  They help you take care of the details of regulations, permits, and drawings, but always keep your vision as the primary inspiration.

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Do Home Design Services Extend Outside the Walls?

When do you contact someone for home design services in Queensland?  The normal time most people think about it is for the design of a new home or for renovating their kitchen, bedroom, or other portions of their house.   What about when you step outside those four walls?

Home design services are just as important when you start considering a variety of other items on your property.  Swimming pools, detached garages, workshops, decks, and other construction projects require many of the same steps as building a home or doing renovations.  You will still need to get building permits, talking to the inspectors, and will require having plans in hand.  Those may not be the biggest reason you want to talk to a quality designer before getting started.  Property value may be the biggest reason.

Have you ever seen a home which looked great in the past suddenly decrease in perceptive value because something the home owner did?  A properly built deck, well designed pool project, and other enhancements to your property should increase the value of your home, not leave it stagnant or decrease it.  When the project is not well thought out it sometimes detracts from the overall beauty of the property and actually decreases value.  How can you determine if you are on track to meet regulations and to increase the value of your property?

Sit Down with A Home Design Expert to Plan Your Project

The easiest way is to start off with a free consultation with an expert like Daryl Woods at Drafting Concepts PTY LTD.  Take your hand sketched drawings along with you and sit down to visit with Daryl about your ideas.  You might want to bring some photographs of your property as it is today taken from a few different angles.  As you talk about the ideas and both ask questions you will soon get a better understanding of your real costs, effects on values, and how you can improve the design.

There is one thing you should always keep in mind, which you can be sure Daryl will point out.  There are two different values for your home.  The first value which can be greatly affected by the home design services is your resale value.  The house must remain looking nice, meet community standards, and fit what people are really looking for to keep a high resale value.

Separating Resale Value and Personal Value

The second value is your personal usability and enjoyment value.  Let’s face it.  Not every change to your property is concerned with increasing resale value.  That workshop you want to build may or may not increase the value of the home to someone else, but it definitely increases the value to you.  The job of your home design services team is to make sure the design gives you the most functional design to meet your dreams, while keeping your property value at the maximum.

House design services should never considered to be constrained to the house itself.  It should extend from one edge of your property to the other.  Anything and everything you build on the property is an extension to your home, whether is attached or not.  It affects the value and falls under the same rules and regulations for construction.  Instead of guessing take the time to sit down with Daryl Woods for your free consultation.  If you are just planning to build a dog house he’ll just chuckle along with you, but if you are planning to build an external garage with a woodworking shop, he’ll roll up his sleeves grab a pencil and paper and get ready for some fun.  He knows home improvement can never be contained to those four walls.


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Artistic Home Design Services or Technical Excellence

Artistic Home Design Services or Technical Excellence

It is really interesting to see how people think about home design services.  Should they choose someone who offers artistic home design services, or a drafting service which provide technical excellence in the construction drawings?  Many times this answer depends on whether you ask the husband or wife.  The wife may have visions of beautiful drawings and the husband visions of exact details.

The answer is you need both.  Technical excellence is not an option.  If the drawings are not precise, accurate, and thorough it is going to cost you money.  You are better paying more for excellent technical house design services because it will save you money during the construction process.    Artistic home design services are nearly as critical.  You are not building a shed.  This is your home.  It needs to be a careful balance of beauty, functionality, and value.

Bringing the Two Ideas Together for Great Home Designs

The real magic is not found in choosing between those two ideas.  It is found be working with a designer who understands how to balance those important needs.  For the team at Drafting Concepts PTY LTD out of Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Queensland the entire process hinges on you.  No lines are drawn on paper, no concepts sketched, and no ideas written out, until they hear your ideas.  They want to sit down with your for a free consultation where you explain your ideas, talk about the property, and give them an insight into your real desires.

Only after they understand the target can they start to come up with ideas which are both aesthetically driven and technically excellent.  The technical excellence is never optional at Drafting Concepts. They clearly understand that tiny mistakes in their work results in expensive problems down the road.  They use high tech CAD systems to aid in their design process, but use their own knowledge and expertise to ensure everything is done correctly.

Meeting Your Goals is Where the Real Magic Starts

For the team at Drafting Concepts the real beauty of your home is a combination of meeting your goals.  Will the house flow in the neighborhood with just the right balance of a unique appealing look without stepping over the line?  Does the home fit your living style and dreams?  During the initial consultation the team determines how you live and what you want in your home.  A perfect home does not fit someone else’s criteria, it must fit yours.

A great example of this is for a family who loves their entertainment and TV time as compared to a family of kitchen aficionados.  The family who lives to be together in their family room wants the design focus to work on bringing them together in their favorite room providing them with the space they need in an appealing way.  The kitchen lovers want a kitchen filled with extra counter space, cupboards, drawers, and other essentials to spending their spare time in the kitchen.  If you get the family emphasis wrong the design is wrong.

As you are starting to see home design services are not one dimensional.  It requires keeping a focus on technical excellence, artistic expression, and a deep understanding of the family’s needs.  Drafting Concepts is one of those exception firms in Australia which understands how to balance those needs.  You may never understand how this all comes together unless you sit down with Daryl Woods of Drafting Concepts for a free consultation.  This time together will allow you to understand his passion for designing great homes which fit their family perfectly.  Instead of choosing between artistic, technical, or least expensive option, just take the time to find the right house design services.  They will give you the right balance of it all.

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