Specialists in Home Design


Home Design Services with a Comforting Twist

Have you made a decision to build a new home and take charge of the process on your own?  It is a great way to save money, keep more control, and have a feeling of involvement.   It is also a great way to suddenly feel overwhelmed with details.  You contact one of Queensland’s home design services firms and they make it clear that all they will do is give you the plans.  Then you are on your own.  Is that what you really wanted?

One of Brisbane and Sunshine Coast’s leading firms offering home design services takes a little different approach.  They let you make the decision on how much assistance you want in the process.  Drafting Concepts PTY LTD understands that home buyers have differing levels of expertise and understanding.  Some people do not have any idea of how the entire building process is done.  Others have experience in some portions of the process and feel comfortable dealing with contractors, builders, and suppliers, but are absolutely terrified of dealing with regulators, inspectors, and permit offices.    The final group has been around the block a few times.  They know the ins and outs of the building process and only need the professionally created plans.  They can take care of all those other details.


Determining Your Needs is The First Step

Where do you fit into that mix?  What kind of help do you need?   What processes do you want to handle, and which ones do you want to hand-off?  Those are the kinds of comforting questions you will hear from Daryl Wood of Drafting Concepts.  When he starts discussing home design services with you he wants to know exactly how to make the project work the best for you, not for him, not for the builder, but for you the home buyer.

As you visit during your free consultation he makes sure he clearly understands what processes you want to handle, and which ones send chills up your spine.  The free quote you receive will give you options on having their house design services team handle a wide variety of tasks and chores for you.  Do you want to be the one taking the plans for approval, or do you want them to take care of it?  Do you want to do all the dirty work of talking to builders, suppliers, and contractors, or do you want someone else to make those initial contacts and get the ball rolling?  They let you pick and choose what help you need on your project and then customize a plan which works for you.


Avoid Frustrating Delays and Problems

Imagine the frustration you would feel if you were using a drafting service that just hands you the plans and walks away.  You walk into the council offices to apply for your building permits and the questions start exploding from their mouth.  They want to know details about the home.  They start asking questions about easements, building codes, and other details you do not understand.  You end up with a long list of questions and have to start the chore of coming up with answers.

When you are dealing with home design services which provide you with the option to take care of these issues you can just relax and enjoy another cup of coffee.  The designer walks in to the council office and presents the plans.  The same questions are asked, but of course the designer is an expert.  He just answers the questions immediately and resolves any minor problems.  All you know is that your plans get approved and your can finalize your building contract and get your home started.

This level of help can continue all the way until completion of your home, too.  How many times have you heard of horror stories where a home is finished and the inspector arrives and starts asking too many questions?  Do you or the builder know all of the details of the property, home design, and local regulations to deal with him quickly?  Home design services which include the option to have your designer stick with the project can help eliminate these issues.  The designer knows the details of the plans.  High-quality companies offering home design services, like Drafting Concept PTY LTD, keep up to date on all the local regulations and rules.  They can answer the questions instantly and keep your project moving forward to completion.


Homes Designed to Blend Into the Community with Flair

Home design services require a little originality, too.  Along with all of the other services you want a company who takes a look at your neighborhood and helps you design a home which stands out from the crowd, but at the same time integrates into the community.  This level of service and expertise is only found when a designer is involved in the community and local industry.  The value of your new home will be higher if it is designed to be a part of the neighborhood.

One of the biggest missing components from many drafting service providers is communication.  You need to have a contact you can sit down with and discuss problems, ideas, and concerns comfortably.  You do not want someone who is hard to talk to or is unavailable.  Daryl Wood and his team at Drafting Concepts place a heavy focus on the importance of communication.  They are comfortable talking to first time home buyers, real estate investors, banks, inspectors, suppliers, and builders.  They do not get flustered when hard questions are asked.  They just calmly answer the questions and deal with problems.


Simplifying the Building Process through Clear Communication

The second side of communications is with you.  If you do not understand certain rules, items on the construction drawings, or other construction industry lingo they take the time to clarify the issues carefully in terms you do understand.  Their mission is to provide you with the best home construction experience possible.  House design services can be as simple as you want or provide as much assistance as you need.  Take a few minutes to contact Daryl Wood of Drafting Concept PTY LTD, one of the most recommended drafting companies in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Queensland.   Their free consultation is exactly what you need to determine your real needs in home design services.