Avoid Home Construction Delays in Advance

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Avoid Home Construction Delays in Advance

You hear about construction delays all the time when visiting with friends and co-workers.  They decided to have a house built or an expansion added to their home and then the delays began.  How many of these delays can be traced back to their choice of home design services?  Probably more than they care to believe.

Your choice of who will provide your home design services is going to play a major role in the efficiency of your construction project.  Plans created by your drafting service which are not complete, error-free, and well-thought out cause delays in so many different situations.  Stop and consider all the points of failures which can occur.

  • Delays on getting your building permit.
  • Constant questions by the builders on design details.
  • Material delays when uncommon materials are specified.
  • Delays in final certification when problems are found.
  • Delays in getting your drawings.

This is just a short list of potential delays.  The problem is once construction begins delays cost money.  It is either going to cost you money or the construction firms.  Neither of you will be happy.  How can yo avoid many of these delays?  It all starts before the first hammer is picked up.

Proper Design Results in Faster Construction and On-Time Schedules

One of the reasons Daryl Wood of Drafting Concepts in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Queensland insists on clients sitting down with him for a free consultation is to avoid long-term delays and problems.  He wants to make sure everyone is sharing the same ideas before he even quotes the project.

After the consultation and quote, communication plays an even bigger role.  During the design phase and creation of your construction drawings is when delays are really eliminated.  By getting all the details right to start off with you eliminate problems down the road.  Daryl often works with clients on helping them get their permits approved, working with builders, and final certification.  He knows his insight into the plans simplifies all of these areas and helps make sure the project stays on time.

Even in situations where you did not ask for Drafting Concepts to include the extra support in the quote for their home design services, they are always available.  Daryl and his team do not disappear just because you took possession of the drawings.  They are available when you need them.

Why Drafting Concepts Causes Less Delays

The reason Drafting Concepts and Daryl Woods can create plans which do not cause delays is very simple.  He has experience in so many phases of the construction industry he knows without a doubt what is required.  He has worked hands-on in the construction business, in construction supply, and now in the design phase.  He deals with the permit offices, inspectors, and final certifiers on a regular basis.

His overall knowledge of the entire process allows his home design services to get things right the first time and eliminate questions, problems, and delays.

It is important to note that no designer is going to be flawless.  Daryl and his team at Drafting Concepts recognize that.  They even make provisions in their quotes to deal with errors or changes which are required.  They never leave their clients stranded without help.  The best way to understand how they provide these superior services is to sit down for a free consultation and ask the hard questions.  Find out what you think of their abilities, concern, and communication style by actually discussing your project and getting a free quote.  This is the time to avoid delays, not once the nails start being driven and lost time costs you money.