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What Do You Need From Your Home Design Services Partner?

What do you really need from the company you select for home design services?  Many people hire a drafting service to create their construction drawings and never take any time to consider the bigger picture.  If you just get the construction drawings, what is your next step?  What about the step after that?

Home buyers who would like to do their own planning, contracting, and management do not always understand the full building process starting from the creation of drawings to final approval for habitation.  How well do you know all the necessary steps?  When you are choosing a company for your house design services you may want to consider how much assistance they can provide in guiding you through the maze of regulations, permit applications, and inspection requirements.  Make small mistakes at any point in the process can be costly in both time and money.

Top drafting companies, like Drafting Concepts PTY LTD of Queensland, start off with every new client by doing a thorough free consultation.  This helps them understand your real needs and to ask questions which help both of your uncover areas you may want additional help with.  This is one of the great parts of working with a company who offers a wide range of services.  You can take care of issues you are comfortable dealing with and can turn the other issues over to them.

As an example of a few things you might want assistance with consider these:

  • Working with Inspectors and Certifiers
  • Communication with local council officials and permit offices.
  • Conferencing with engineers, builders, and contractors.
  • Identifying site issues, drainage problems, and easement concerns.

There are just a few examples of items which you will be dealing with while building your home.  Most of the issues are relatively easy to deal with if you have a thorough understanding of local regulations, building terms, and a little experience.  When you are a first time builder with incomplete knowledge you may become flustered when asked questions about your plans, the site, and even questions about the materials you plan to use.

Who Has the Most Intimate Knowledge of Your Project?

The person who will have the most in-depth knowledge of your project is your designer.  A designer from any of the better home design services will take the time to understand your property and how the house will function on it.  He is fully up to date on the latest regulatory changes and how they affect your build.  They know the clerks and officials at the council offices who work with permits.  They know the inspectors and certifiers.  They know owners and foremen for many of the local construction firms.  They are insiders in the construction business, not just someone sketching out drawings on a computer.

Daryl Wood of Drafting Concept PTY LTD in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast learned the industry from the inside out.  He worked in construction, the construction supply industry, and now is one of most sought out designers in Queensland.  Daryl and his team work with the home buyer to make sure their entire project is carefully planned out.  When the buyer needs assistance they are there to work with the permit offices, builders, and inspectors.  They know that real home design services should not stop until the house is built and passes final inspection.  After all, what good is a set of plans if it does not result in a well-built, enjoyable, and beautiful home?  You can learn more about all the ways top home design services help their clients by scheduling a free consultation with Daryl Woods at Drafting Concepts.