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Artistic Home Design Services or Technical Excellence

Artistic Home Design Services or Technical Excellence

It is really interesting to see how people think about home design services.  Should they choose someone who offers artistic home design services, or a drafting service which provide technical excellence in the construction drawings?  Many times this answer depends on whether you ask the husband or wife.  The wife may have visions of beautiful drawings and the husband visions of exact details.

The answer is you need both.  Technical excellence is not an option.  If the drawings are not precise, accurate, and thorough it is going to cost you money.  You are better paying more for excellent technical house design services because it will save you money during the construction process.    Artistic home design services are nearly as critical.  You are not building a shed.  This is your home.  It needs to be a careful balance of beauty, functionality, and value.

Bringing the Two Ideas Together for Great Home Designs

The real magic is not found in choosing between those two ideas.  It is found be working with a designer who understands how to balance those important needs.  For the team at Drafting Concepts PTY LTD out of Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Queensland the entire process hinges on you.  No lines are drawn on paper, no concepts sketched, and no ideas written out, until they hear your ideas.  They want to sit down with your for a free consultation where you explain your ideas, talk about the property, and give them an insight into your real desires.

Only after they understand the target can they start to come up with ideas which are both aesthetically driven and technically excellent.  The technical excellence is never optional at Drafting Concepts. They clearly understand that tiny mistakes in their work results in expensive problems down the road.  They use high tech CAD systems to aid in their design process, but use their own knowledge and expertise to ensure everything is done correctly.

Meeting Your Goals is Where the Real Magic Starts

For the team at Drafting Concepts the real beauty of your home is a combination of meeting your goals.  Will the house flow in the neighborhood with just the right balance of a unique appealing look without stepping over the line?  Does the home fit your living style and dreams?  During the initial consultation the team determines how you live and what you want in your home.  A perfect home does not fit someone else’s criteria, it must fit yours.

A great example of this is for a family who loves their entertainment and TV time as compared to a family of kitchen aficionados.  The family who lives to be together in their family room wants the design focus to work on bringing them together in their favorite room providing them with the space they need in an appealing way.  The kitchen lovers want a kitchen filled with extra counter space, cupboards, drawers, and other essentials to spending their spare time in the kitchen.  If you get the family emphasis wrong the design is wrong.

As you are starting to see home design services are not one dimensional.  It requires keeping a focus on technical excellence, artistic expression, and a deep understanding of the family’s needs.  Drafting Concepts is one of those exception firms in Australia which understands how to balance those needs.  You may never understand how this all comes together unless you sit down with Daryl Woods of Drafting Concepts for a free consultation.  This time together will allow you to understand his passion for designing great homes which fit their family perfectly.  Instead of choosing between artistic, technical, or least expensive option, just take the time to find the right house design services.  They will give you the right balance of it all.