Do Home Design Services Extend Outside the Walls?

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Do Home Design Services Extend Outside the Walls?

When do you contact someone for home design services in Queensland?  The normal time most people think about it is for the design of a new home or for renovating their kitchen, bedroom, or other portions of their house.   What about when you step outside those four walls?

Home design services are just as important when you start considering a variety of other items on your property.  Swimming pools, detached garages, workshops, decks, and other construction projects require many of the same steps as building a home or doing renovations.  You will still need to get building permits, talking to the inspectors, and will require having plans in hand.  Those may not be the biggest reason you want to talk to a quality designer before getting started.  Property value may be the biggest reason.

Have you ever seen a home which looked great in the past suddenly decrease in perceptive value because something the home owner did?  A properly built deck, well designed pool project, and other enhancements to your property should increase the value of your home, not leave it stagnant or decrease it.  When the project is not well thought out it sometimes detracts from the overall beauty of the property and actually decreases value.  How can you determine if you are on track to meet regulations and to increase the value of your property?

Sit Down with A Home Design Expert to Plan Your Project

The easiest way is to start off with a free consultation with an expert like Daryl Woods at Drafting Concepts PTY LTD.  Take your hand sketched drawings along with you and sit down to visit with Daryl about your ideas.  You might want to bring some photographs of your property as it is today taken from a few different angles.  As you talk about the ideas and both ask questions you will soon get a better understanding of your real costs, effects on values, and how you can improve the design.

There is one thing you should always keep in mind, which you can be sure Daryl will point out.  There are two different values for your home.  The first value which can be greatly affected by the home design services is your resale value.  The house must remain looking nice, meet community standards, and fit what people are really looking for to keep a high resale value.

Separating Resale Value and Personal Value

The second value is your personal usability and enjoyment value.  Let’s face it.  Not every change to your property is concerned with increasing resale value.  That workshop you want to build may or may not increase the value of the home to someone else, but it definitely increases the value to you.  The job of your home design services team is to make sure the design gives you the most functional design to meet your dreams, while keeping your property value at the maximum.

House design services should never considered to be constrained to the house itself.  It should extend from one edge of your property to the other.  Anything and everything you build on the property is an extension to your home, whether is attached or not.  It affects the value and falls under the same rules and regulations for construction.  Instead of guessing take the time to sit down with Daryl Woods for your free consultation.  If you are just planning to build a dog house he’ll just chuckle along with you, but if you are planning to build an external garage with a woodworking shop, he’ll roll up his sleeves grab a pencil and paper and get ready for some fun.  He knows home improvement can never be contained to those four walls.