Queensland Home Design Services Provide Liaison between the Buyer and Builder

Specialists in Home Design

Queensland Home Design Services Provide Liaison between the Buyer and Builder

There are three critical skills you must find in your choice for home design services, but which one is the most important?  The three skills which are essential include:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Skilled Technical Drafting
  • Communication Skills

Creative Thinking to Overcome Problems and Create a Beautiful Home

Which one of those three would you rate as the most essential to get you the best plans possible?  Creative thinking is very important.  The drafting service must be able to come up with original ideas, overcome issues, and create a home which creatively fills the needs of the family.  The designer needs to be able to look at the desires of their client, the materials requested, the property, and the neighborhood, and combine them all to make a home which is going to make their client happy and excited.  But is this the most important skill?

Technical Skills Provide the Detail for a Successful Build

Technical drafting skills are mandatory, but are they the most important skill?  If a company does not have quality drafting skills they will be out of business fast, but those skills are usually easy to find.  There are many people who have great technical skills but lack in the creative realm.  They can follow the directions of others, but not create on their own.

Communications is the Element Which Takes Your Vision and Turns it Into Reality

Communication skills play a unique role for home design services.  A designer needs to be able to communicate clearly to his client to start off with.  His communication must start with his ears, not his mouth.  The designer needs to hear what the client really wants and even try to capture what portions of the house create the most excitement and enthusiasm for the client.

The next step in communication is talking.  The drafting specialist for the house design services must be able to present ideas concerning materials, local regulations, neighborhood characteristics, and other issues which affect the design process.  He needs to make sure his client clearly understands the concerns, their options, and how it all affects cost.

Communication does not stop with talking to the client either.  The home design services team must be able to communicate clearly to help in acquiring the building permits, dealing with certifiers, and explaining the design to the builders.  It does not stop there.  What they learn from the builders and officials must be relayed back to the owner so quick and effective decisions can be made.

As you are probably beginning to guess, communications may  be the most important skill you should look for when looking for home design services.  Do not ignore the other factors, but make sure you are 100% comfortable with the communications skills.  It is this skill which allows them to really understand what you want and to get it right on the first drawing.  It is this skill which increases efficiency for the builder since they run into fewer questions and get them answered clearly the first time.  Communications is what makes everything run smoother with permit offices, inspectors, and any other government departments you will encounter.

Experience Superior Communications in Action

The best way to determine the entire skill set is to actually sit down with the designer and talk over your ideas and take a look at their portfolio.  Daryl Woods of Drafting Concepts PTY LTD in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast is convinced communications is critical and that is why he starts off all projects with a free consultation with clients.  He wants to make sure everyone is on the same page and heading in the same direction on your building project.  What is your opinion?  Do you want to have someone you can talk to and solve problems with, or just someone who can knock out a technical drawing?  You know when the project is underway communications will be one of the keys to a successful design and build of your new home.